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Monkey Business Entertainment and Event Planning is a full service event planning and entertainment resource located in Charlotte NC.  Charlotte has been our hub since 1979.  Our planners have been supplying quality event planning services to our clients for corporate events, church events, birthday parties, campus activities, festivals and community related events.  Our team of party vendors in Charlotte are filled with just the things you need to put on a wonderful evening. 

Please use this form to request information from us.  A representative will respond as soon as possible.  You are just a click away from creating a fun and memorable event.  


Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you, your family and your guests. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you enjoyed your party as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

Peggy Washko

Event Manager
Monkey Business Events and Entertainment Services
Charlotte NC
Phone:(704) 332-7464
Email: Entertainability@gmail.com

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50% Down Cash or CC Only

Monkey Business Events & Entertainment

1015 Weber Court Charlotte, NC US 28211

We recognize that sometimes plans change and we will do our best to be flexible. That said, we do need to honor that our entertainers are in demand and working to pay their bills. When the entertainers accept a booking, they block their schedules, and that means that they aren’t available at that time for other bookings.

When the order status is “Pending,” you can make changes to the booking information or the date and time (pending availability). You can also cancel with no fee.

When the order status is “Confirmed” and you want to cancel, our policy takes into account how much advance notice you’ve given.

Up until the time of the show, you can make changes to any info (i.e. contact person, card message, etc.) that does not affect the location, timing, or character choice.  With 48+ hour notice, rescheduling and cancellation is possible, with no fee. Please note if changing the date or time, we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee availability.  With 24-48 hour notice, you can:

  • Reschedule the same character for no fee, for any time the character is available.
  • Pay 50% character cancellation fee to cancel. Pre-paid tips, add-on gift charges, and travel fees are refunded.

With less than 24 hour notice, you can:

  • Reschedule the same character for no fee, for any time the character is available.
  • Cancel with no refund on the cost of the character, and no refund for the add-on gift charges. Pre-paid tips and travel fees are refunded.

Questions about this policy?  Contact Us